Frequently Asked Questions


When will you start working on my spot?

As soon as we have your assets in house and know the focus of your piece

What is the process like?


If I already have a good spot, can I use that? If it’s too long, will you edit it down?

Yes you can and we can make any changes to it you need that the spot will allow.

Who writes the copy?

Our Producer.

What about visuals?

You provide your own video and/or photos.

What if I don’t have video or photos?

We can also arrange a video shoot for you at an additional cost. Or we can direct you to a low cost stock photo and stock video site and help you select images appropriate for your spot.

Will I get to preview the spot before it runs?

Yes, you will be sent a preview link to give notes for changes prior to finalization.

What file type do you need for my logo?

For photos d logos we can accept most file types – jpg, tiff, eps, pdf, etc.

Can I use the spot on my website or YouTube?

You can use the spot for any need you have with the exception of inflight. That is our domain.

What if I want to use a specific song in the spot?

As long as you have the rights to it that is fine. You would simply send us the file.

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