Client Testimonials

Here are some recent client testimonials.

Business Wire


“For over 5 years now, I have known and had the pleasure of working with Rebecca Yona and her production team at Altitude-Media. She is one of the most professional, courteous, and helpful people I have met during my 40 years in hospitality. Her team is amazing. They are very prompt,hands on, and patient, offering their opinion if asked. They walk you through the impossible and make it seem so easy. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Altitude-Media and look forward to many more projects together.”

The Sherry-Netherland Theresa E. Nocerino Managing Director



Business Wire


“The Executive Report provides its audience with insights into current topics and issues presented by industry leaders. The interviews are both provocative and informative. Get to know the professionals at Altitude Media; you’ll be glad that you did.”

Business Wire Daniel T. Salvo Public Relations Manager



The Carter Center


“We are very excited at The Carter Center about our series of shows for Altitude Media and The Executive Report discussing topical issues of peace and health worldwide. In addition, we have a corps of eminent persons and partner organizations that worked closely with the Center, and have provided us with a variety of sources – many with name recognition – to help put together the shows in a way that keep listeners tuned.”

The Carter Center Deanna Congileo Public Information Director



Convention Industry Council


“Altitude Media provides an ideal program for our needs. Our target audience includes the CEOs and CFOs that make budget decisions concerning corporate travel. We want them to look at the long-term benefits of face-to-face interaction for their employees and their companies. The airplane is the one place where we have a few uninterrupted minutes of their time”

Convention Industry Council Mary Power President



“Novell Inc., the leading provider of Net Business Solutions, continue to use Altitude Media to help us deliver our message to the key decision makers in the industry. The Executive Report reaches a captive audience of traveling professionals that are looking for the solutions that Novell provides. Because of the world-wide coverage that Altitude Media provides, Novell is able to extend its corporate message globally. Reports come in from around the world about how much travelers have enjoyed listening to The Executive Report program and hearing from Novell. When Novell needs to communicate directly to business executives, we turn to Altitude Media.”

Novell, Inc. Richard A. Bliss Global Marketing Manager



HHonors Hilton Worldwide
“At Hilton, one of our primary areas of focus is building loyalty among frequent travelers. One of the biggest challenges we face in that arena is putting relevant messages in front of potential customers at a time when they’re receptive to those communications. Particularly given how busy most “road warriors” are, it’s important for us to find venues beyond traditional channels. This is where Altitude Media comes in. Through our partnership, we’re able to reach a broad cross section of our core audience at one of the few times that they’re able to hear our message without constant interruption. For many travelers, an airline flight has become one of the last places where they can truly spend some quiet time and focus on work and/or relaxation. We’ve found that Altitude Media is an extremely costeffective way to extend our marketing messages, and given the feedback we get from customers and business partners, it’s clear that we’re reaching our intended audience”

Hilton HHonors Adam Burke Senior V.P. & Managing Director



Colorado State University
“During the past year I’ve had the opportunity to work with Altitude Media, Inc. on two separate occasions. In both cases they produced three-minute interview programs for placement with major U.S. airlines as in-flight audio entertainment. I have been impressed by this organizations ability to develop intelligent interview questions and to move quickly through the production process. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, their formats have prompted a large number of listeners to inquire about our distance education programs. This has contributed significantly to the growth of our outreach program. On a cost per qualified lead basis, we have found the in-flight approach to be an excellent addition to our marketing strategy.”

Colorado State University John F. Ebersole Associate Provost



Voyager Capital
“Voyager had the opportunity to communciate its key messages, answer the tough questions the market asks, and be positioned with the other leaders in the industry, while our prospects were flying at 35,000 feet. We found the leads we received to be of the right level, both for new customers, partners and employees. We recognized the ROI and enjoyed working with the great team at Altitude Media, Inc.”

Voyager Captial Diane Fraiman Venture Partner



“Thank you for the attention and professionalism of the recent interview airing on The Executive Report. The expertise of the Altitude Media team was obvious from the very beginning and we were delighted with how the interview turned out. As you know, we agreed to a second interview based on the success of the first one late last year. Please feel free to use me as a reference. We are very happy with our relationship with Altitude Media and look forward to many more opportunities to work together.”

Luminor Ron Wilbur President



“The investment proved to be quite successful. Not only has Altitude Mediahelped to promote our company, it has led several fortune 500 companies to Fat Box Films where we were able to develop new relationships and deliver high end productions from training to tradeshows. Thank you for increasing our client list and I look forward to more business with Altitude Media.”

Fat Box, Inc. Kent Russell CEO


Vital Options


“Thanks to our ongoing collaboration with Altitude Media, Vital Options International has found another way to support its goals and mission of facilitating a global cancer dialogue.”

Vital Options International Selma R. Schimmel CEO & Founder



Nationa Center For Missing And Exploited Children
“I wanted to express my sincere thanks for all that you and Altitude Mediahave done and are doing in support of our Wireless Amber Alert initiative. You have helped us reach millions through your powerful broadcasts. The Wireless Amber Alert program is free, easy and effective. However, it requires that people take a simple step and sign up. You have taken our message to your listeners. The impressive growth of this program is compelling testimony to the reach and impact of Altitude Media. We are deeply grateful for your kindness, commitment and support.”

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children Ernie Allen President and CEO



Lesley University
“I want to thank you for making the interview process so easy. You are a delightful group to work with. I wish I could walk around all day having all of my verbal sputterings edited so that no “ums”, “uhs”, or “wells” would come tumbling out. How wonderful to be made to sound so articulate when one is not…. the audio equivalent of a PhotoShop makeover to remove facial flaws and distracting backgrounds.”

Lesley University Dr. Maureen Brown Yoder Director of Online Learning