About Us


Our mission is to create high quality programming which educates, informs and entertains our passengers , helping to make their flying time more productive and enjoyable. We are passionate about creating a one-on-one dialogue between our brand partners and our audience and cover such topic areas as immerging trends, visionary leaders, emerging technologies, cause marketing, diversity and business sustainability.



  • Communicate one-on-one your brand’s story to 20 million captive business executives each month
  • Stand out from your competition
  • Control your own spin
  • Impact a captive audience of millions, hungry for information, news, products, services, solutions and travel ideas
  • Invaluable public relations tool favored by brand managers, public relations practitioners, CMOs and Corporate Communication executives
Who We Are

Altitude Media Inc. (AMI) is the undisputed industry leader in in-flight video and audio programming. In business 17 years, AMI has produced branded programming and interviews with over 17,000 clients representing every industry group.

Our programming includes Exec TV, Travel & Lifestyle TV, Sky Radio, the Executive Report, Travel-al-a-mode, America’s Innovators, the Franchise Report, America’s Best Colleges, America’s Premiere Lawyers, Hot Mobile, Best Practices in CSR and Sustainability in Action.

Our high quality business and lifestyle contents targets a global audience of more than 20 million executive business passengers per month. That’s over 240 million passengers annually.

Our content is distributed on American Airlines, UA/Continental, Delta, US Airways, Jet Blue and the CNN Airport Network.

All of our programming is magazine style-blending CEO interviews, industry spotlights, major business trends and thought leaders in a hip and stylish format.

Guest on our program have included: Pres. Jimmy Carter, Madeline Albright, Steve Forbes, Michael Dell, Charles Schwab, Donald Trump, Andy Grove, Sumner Redstone, Ann Sweeney, Pete Rose, Alan Dershowitz, Steve Wynn, Oscar De La Hoya, Michael Bloomberg, Lanny Davis and more…

We are proud to deliver unparalleled programming that allows your brand to cut through the clutter by addressing the needs and interests of millions of captive executive business passengers.

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